Narrative1 Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you are familiar with Narrative1 and other narrative appraisal report writing tools available for commercial appraisers and if you're not we should talk. :) I'm here today to (hopefully) answer some frequently asked questions I often hear about Narrative1 and narrative appraisal report automation.



Why do I need narrative appraisal report automation?

Competition and client expectations are increasing while appraisal fees and turnaround times are decreasing. Your clients pay you for opinions of value based on your expertise and experience, not your typing skills, not your fonts, not your document layout. The easiest way to remain competitive, productive and profitable is to stop using your computer like it’s a typewriter! Join the 21st Century and do what the major national and regional appraisal firms have already done: automate your report production. If you want to compete in the future you can’t rest on the tools of the past.


Is Narrative1 just for the "big appraisal shops"?

No. Appraisal shops of all sizes will realize the benefits of utilizing Narrative1 to streamline their business operations. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a shop of 10+ appraisers, Narrative1 will help you automate the report writing process by eliminating repetition and delivering high-quality reports worthy of your reputation.


I am a sole proprietor; can I still afford Narrative1?

Absolutely! Narrative1 is priced based on the number of users. Contact 408.361.5000 or sales@exactbid.com for pricing information.


Can I use my own template with Narrative1?

Yes. Narrative1 enables report customization with your brand identity, fonts, and layout templates. With Narrative1 you can maintain your company’s unique style and branding elements. Your clients won’t notice any differences except fewer errors and timely reports.


How long does it take to learn how to use Narrative1?

You know how to appraise, nearly every commercial appraiser is using Word and Excel. You write up comps and property data every day. You’re already using all the components of Narrative1. We can quickly show you how to put them together in a more powerful package. Our software is more intuitive and user-friendly than most solutions out there and we provide solid training materials and support services to get customers up and running. The average time it takes to learn Narrative1 and start to see a return on your investment (ROI) is 3 to 4 reports. For most of our clients, that’s within 3-4 weeks. You will quickly earn back the money you spent on Narrative1 and start generating even more business.


How does Platform Integration between ExactBid solutions RIMS, RIMSCentral, and Narrative1 help me?

There are several benefits of Platform Integration for the Commercial Appraiser using Narrative1. Chief among these is the new marketing opportunity commercial appraisers now have. Appraisers are competing with dozens of other appraisers on any given banks’ vendor panel – all offering the same price and promise. To a bank trying to close more business, most appraisers look the same, but Narrative1 with Platform Integration provides a unique opportunity for commercial appraisers to set themselves apart from other appraisers in the market.


To learn more about Narrative1 or to schedule a private demo visit www.exactbid.com or call 408.361.5000.

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