Newgen Software Inc. and ExactBid enter into a strategic partnership

By Allison Danes|20 December, 2017

ExactBid is pleased to announce the successful integration of RIMS with the Business Process Management (BPM) based on commercial lending automation solution by Newgen Software Inc., a global provider of banking software solutions.

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3 MORE Things Lenders and Appraisers Need to Know About Platform Integration

By Allison Danes|20 December, 2017

Last month we released a blog post, 3 Things Lenders and Appraisers Need to Know About Platform Integration, which outlined three critical points we want the Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence community to know about Platform Integration.


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Offices Continue to Evolve

By John Wickes|20 December, 2017

Office buildings have been changing. One only has to walk through a recently completed building to see it. It has not happened over night – architects and developers have long been students of the needs of the changing workforce.

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E-Commerce Is Changing Industrial Properties

By John Wickes|19 December, 2017

Anyone familiar with commercial real estate knows that e-commerce has had a huge impact on industrial properties across the US.

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Narrative1 Frequently Asked Questions

By Ross Phelps|9 November, 2017

Many of you are familiar with Narrative1 and other narrative appraisal report writing tools available for commercial appraisers and if you're not we should talk. :) I'm here today to (hopefully) answer some frequently asked questions I often hear about Narrative1 and narrative appraisal report automation.


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DFAST, CECL and Outside Data Sources

By John Wickes|8 November, 2017

Much has been written about these regulations. Many thought that DFAST would be eliminated or at least rewritten, which now does not appear to be the case despite the deregulatory mood in Washington.

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ExactBid National Quarterly Report: Q3 2017

By Allison Danes|8 November, 2017

The Q3 National Quarterly Report from ExactBid is now available for download. Leveraging the data in RIMS, we are releasing these reports on a quarterly basis to provide you with insights and transparency into property appraisal data including how income is trending across property types in the U.S.


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ExactBid and Agile Banking Announce ExactImport: RIMS and OnBase Integration

By Allison Danes|3 October, 2017

New software integration enables the transfer of critical documents seamlessly between RIMS and OnBase.


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What will happen to Dodd-Frank?

By John Wickes|28 August, 2017

Last June, the House of Representatives voted to repeal key sections of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act passed in 2010. The Act has long been in the cross hairs of Republicans who claim that it’s overzealous and anti-business.


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MBA Q2 Origination Data

By Allison Danes|24 August, 2017

The Mortgage Bankers Association released their Q2 2017 origination data - it was a sizable increase over Q1. You can view their press release announcement and download the report here


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Brexit and U.S. Commercial Real Estate

By John Wickes|22 August, 2017

Britain's departure from the European Union is scheduled to take place on 3/31/19. There's been a lot of speculation on just what it will mean for U.S. Commercial Real Estate.


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Common Narrative1 Myths Debunked

By Tom Armstrong|14 August, 2017

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of purchasing appraisal software? Initial cost? Money and time lost trying to learn how to use it? Losing your brand identify and templates? Do any of those sound familiar to you?


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