RIMS Feature Spotlight: Batch Update

I hope you had a chance to read our last feature spotlight post on Sampling. If you didn’t, make sure you check it out! The RIMS feature spotlight series is meant to give readers more insight into popular features helping you get to know the RIMS advantage a little bit better.

The second feature I want to highlight in this series is Batch Update. RIMS Batch Update makes managing complex due diligence projects simple. With Batch Update, you can simultaneously edit multiple fields associated with task management, saving your Appraisal Department time and frustration.  

Batch Update Use Case Example

The Lending Department creates a new project that contains numerous properties and jobs. Each job includes several tasks, such as appraisal orders and appraisal reviews, that need to be completed. With just a few clicks, an approved user in the Appraisal Department can use Batch Update to assign groups of those tasks to specific job managers, streamlining workflow.

Batch Update Image

Why is Batch Update an important RIMS feature? 

  • Efficiency. Assign groups of related tasks to a job manager, ensuring the right people are on each job. Batch Update simplifies project management. 

  • Flexibility. Batch Update is optional and completely scalable. Use it to execute largescale updates without sacrificing granular control. 

  • Versatility. Use Batch Update to modify a variety of fields, including due and complete dates, job manager, task disposition, GL account, and more! 

  • Oversight. All changes made with Batch Update are logged and notifications are sent automatically. Stay on top of everything without needing to micromanage. 

How can you access Batch Update? 

If you’re a current RIMS 8 customer, Batch Update is a feature built into the product. You do not have to purchase this feature, but you do need to contact support to get this feature enabled for you. The easiest way to do this is to simply submit a support ticket indicating that you want access to Batch Update and someone from RIMS Support will be in touch. If you’re not a current RIMS 8 customer but still want to learn more about Batch Update – contact us! We can discuss your needs and how Batch Update and other RIMS features can help you achieve your business goals.

Stay tuned for our next RIMS Feature Spotlight Blog Post.

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