RIMS Feature Spotlight: Sampling

Many of you are familiar the ExactBid software solution, RIMS (Real Estate Information Management System), but my guess is that not all of you know about its advanced features. Or at least aren't as familiar. It is those features that make RIMS the user-friendly and robust solution that is it.

In this new Blog series from ExactBid, I will aim to provide some additional insight into some of the more popular RIMS features. Each feature will have its own dedicated post. If you would like to learn more about a RIMS feature and how you can access it, please contact us and we can help! If you’re a current customer, our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you. If you’re not a customer but would like to learn more about RIMS and its features, our Sales team will be happy to talk with you and show you a product demo.

So, let’s begin. The first feature in this series that I want to talk about is Sampling. Albeit, the name “Sampling” doesn’t tell you a lot, right? (Hence why I’m writing this post). Keep reading and you’ll learn more…

In a nutshell, RIMS Sampling automates critical business functions, ensuring they occur consistently and with minimal oversight required. This powerful risk management tool increases workflow efficiency and supports regulatory compliance.

How does it work?

Sampling is a flexible, configurable automation tool. With Sampling, a qualified RIMS user establishes that when specific conditions are met, a Sampling Action should occur automatically. For example…

Sampling Image

Sampling use cases can range from simple to complex…let’s say a RIMS user wants to create a technical review task when a compliance review task is closed. Regulators want to see a review task escalated to a more in-depth review that is not selected by the user, but automatically selected by the system. This is possible with the RIMS Sampling feature. RIMS Support and Sales can talk through the many use cases with you to better determine your needs. All you need to do is ask! 

Why is Sampling an important RIMS feature to know? 

  • Control. The Sampling tool features extensive configuration options, allowing you to limit a Sampling Record to highly specific circumstances or a broad range of events.

  • Risk Management. Create Sampling Records that trigger when a vendor’s score falls below a defined value, when an appraisal order task is closed, or when a compliance review is completed under specific circumstances. Sampling simplifies risk management.

  • Convenience. When a Sampling Action occurs, all relevant parties will receive an email notification. The RIMS 8 logging system tracks everything, providing you with oversight and transparency.

  • Flexibility. RIMS supports an unlimited number of Sampling Records so that you can cover a variety of business scenarios concurrently.

How can you access Sampling? 

If you’re a current RIMS 8 customer, Sampling is a feature built into the product. You do not have to purchase this feature, but you do need to contact support to get this feature enabled for you. The easiest way to do this is to simply submit a support ticket indicating that you want access to Sampling and someone from RIMS Support will be in touch. If you’re not a current RIMS 8 customer but still want to learn more about Sampling – contact us! We can discuss your needs and how Sampling and other RIMS features can help you achieve your business goals. 

Stay tuned for our next RIMS Feature Spotlight blog post! 

Tell me more about Sampling!

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