3 MORE Things Lenders and Appraisers Need to Know About Platform Integration

By Allison Danes|20 December, 2017

Last month we released a blog post, 3 Things Lenders and Appraisers Need to Know About Platform Integration, which outlined three critical points we want the Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence community to know about Platform Integration.


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Narrative1 Frequently Asked Questions

By Ross Phelps|9 November, 2017

Many of you are familiar with Narrative1 and other narrative appraisal report writing tools available for commercial appraisers and if you're not we should talk. :) I'm here today to (hopefully) answer some frequently asked questions I often hear about Narrative1 and narrative appraisal report automation.


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3 Things Lenders and Appraisers Need to Know About Platform Integration

By Allison Danes|19 July, 2017

ExactBid launched our Platform Integration initiative in Spring 2017 seamlessly integrating three of our solutions - RIMS, RIMSCentral and Narrative1. A new concept for our industry - Platform Integration signals a long overdue restructuring of the CRE due diligence process.


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5 RIMS Features You Need To Know About

By Greg Crews|6 July, 2017

Just in case you're unfamiliar with RIMS here's a 10 second refresh - RIMS is an advanced real estate appraisal and due diligence management software solution used by banks to streamline appraisal workflow, assess data, and maintain compliance.

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Invest in technology and do more with less

By Tom Armstrong|23 May, 2017

I have a memory of a time when a commercial appraiser could travel to a job, meet with various people, look at the property, conduct market research, prepare analyses, reach an appropriate value and write a report for a handsome fee. Those days are long gone.

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ExactBid National Quarterly Report

By John Wickes|4 May, 2017

Download  your FREE copy of the ExactBid National Quarterly Report: Q1 2017. We are leveraging the data in RIMS to provide you with insights and transparency into property appraisal data including  how income is trending across property types in the U.S.

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The struggle with data and how to fix it

By Matt Cotter | CEO|27 April, 2017

Read the latest from MBA Insights featuring an article written by ExactBid CEO, Matt Cotter. Subscribe to MBA Insights to receive up to date news articles about our industry...

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Introducing Platform Integration

By Matt Cotter | CEO|10 April, 2017

First-Ever Integration of an Appraiser Software Solution and Lender Appraisal Management Platform


ExactBid is very excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Platform Integration, effectively changing the way institutions and appraisers work together to share information. This is the commercial real estate industry’s first integration of this kind and we couldn’t be more excited to get our customers up and running. You can read the press release here.


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